FGGL Family

The Family Tree

The FGGL Family consists of descendants of:

  1. Sammy Fleming and Mary Jane Brodrich
  2. Adam Gamble and Mary Jane Brodrich
  3. Louis Goodman and Dora Dickey Goodman
  4. John Laws and Mary Smith

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The Fleming-Gamble Lineage

The lineage represents our descent from a freed slave called Mary Jane Brodrich, who was enslaved from the African Continent around the year 1850.  A Savannah, Georgia Plantation records indicate that she was bought from the West Indies Trading Company but came from the eastern area of the continent.  Before the Emancipation of 1865, she and her first child were sold to a Clarendon County plantation owner and were seperated from her slave-husband, Sammie Fleming I.  After freedom, Sammie Fleming I walked up from Savannah and was reunited with his wife and child. They had 6 additional children after slavery.  After the death of Sammie Fleming I, Mary Jane married Adam Gamble and they had 2 children.  In later years, Charles Gamble, Sr, grandson of Adam and Mary Jane Gamble, married Annie Mae Goodman.

The Goodman Lineage

The lineage roots spring the coil of Louis Goodman and Dora Dickey Goodman Louis's father, who was once a slave, was called "Ed", short for "Eddie".  Research of the South Carolina Slave Plantation records indicate that "Eddie" as listed as property of the Samuel Goodman, Sr. Plantation.  Mr. Goodman owned slaves in Lee, Sumteer, Clarendon, and Williamsburg counties.  In a letter dated 1878 from Samuel Goodman, Sr to William Jeffries, he talks about his former slaves and the then "Emancipated Negroes".  The 1910 Census Report shows that Louis Goodman had then maried Dora Dickey and they had 3 children.  Dora was often called "Cora" by her family and friends.  Dora Goodman was Annie Mae Goodman's mother.

The Laws Lineage

The lineage represents our descent from a slave named Sam Smith, who was the father of Mary Smith. Mary Smith married John Laws.  One of their children, Sarah Laws married Jonathan Gamble, the brother of Charles Gamble, Sr.